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Writing is a pretty low-cost business to get started. All you really need is a computer and some internet access. But, there are several useful tools for writers that have personally helped me grow my business and make my life more comfortable. Here are my top five best tools for writers:

1. Books about writing and business.

Yes, physical books! I know you can learn a lot about any topic from Google. But, for me, I have found that holding a physical book, rather than scanning tons of online articles is how I learn best. You can also refer back to the books over and over again, which is particularly useful. A few of my favorite books that I look at over and over include:

  • Jennifer Gregory’s “The Freelance Content Marketing Writer
    • A very simple breakdown of how to send letters of introduction (LOIs) to potential clients and land writing gigs.
  • Brian Moran’s “The 12 Week Year
    • An excellent book on how to plan your business goals.
  • Chris Voss “Never Split the Difference
    • A MUST read if you struggle with negotiation like I do. I need to re-read this one.
  • And of course my own ebook the “Guide to Freelance Writing for the RDN” (shameless plug!)
    • This is not a physical book and I don’t refer to it over and over, BUT it is a great resource if you want to get started as a nutrition writer.

2. A standing desk

As a writer, you sit A LOT. This can start to really cause neck, hip, and back pain. It is great to be able to stand every so often even just to change positions a bit. I really like my Anthro Desk adaptor. It allows me to sit or stand at any time. The AnthroDesk: ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter – Extra Wide that just fits right on top of my desk. It has really made a difference for my achy hips in just a short time.

3. Organizational tools

Staying organized is the ONLY way to succeed as a writer. You have to keep track of leads, follow-up, deadlines, and customer demands. If you work with other writers, like I do, you need to know what they are working on as well. Here are a few of my favorite tools for keeping track of all the moving pieces of my writing business.

  • Trello. I use Trello to assign articles to my team, keep my VA on task, and manage my own workload. This helps me know where every project is at any given time.
  • Hubspot. My husband introduced me to this earlier this year. The free version gives me all I need as a CRM. It helps me track leads, keep track of potential clients, and set follow-ups so I know when I need to get in touch again. The coolest thing about it is that when I uploaded all my email contacts into it, it found over 100 potential leads that had not been followed-up on for one reason or another! It was awesome!
  • A notebook. I like to see my whole week at a glance on paper. I write everything down week to week so I don’t get lost. It really helps me plan out my work tasks and balance it with my personal life.

4. A good coffee shop.

Sometimes you just have to get out of the house. A good coffee shop can be the exact thing you need to give you a little inspiration. I live in Franklin, TN (outside of Nashville) and my favorite is the Coffee House on Second and Bridge. I also can be found working from the cafe at Lifetime Fitness. They have free childcare for members, so you can’t go wrong!

A little support

Sometimes you just need a little bit of help to get started as a writer. I have personally invested a lot in individual and group coaching to help my business continue to grow.

This is why I am building my new course “Freelance Writing for the RD: The Course“. I want to help other RDs make a profitable and fulfilling living as health and nutrition writers. You can find out more about the course here.

I hope you enjoyed my useful tools for writers. Sure, there are plenty of other things you could invest in, but really the best thing about a writing business is that it can be very very simple (and low cost!).

*The links above may be affiliate links. I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase. I received a free Anthro Desk in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


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