Trends in Health Content Marketing- June 2020

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Business Advice, Writing Skills

I have decided to put together a monthly round up to discuss the trends in health content marketing. This will be a combination of articles I have read, client requests, and just my overall thoughts on the industry. I would love some feedback about what would be useful/helpful moving forward!

The Future is Video

Video for SEO

We have been getting so many requests for video and have done a handful of informational videos for clients so far. Video helps you connect with your customers on a more personal level and demonstrate your expertise. They are a great way for brands to collaborate with RDs or other health professionals to improve the credibility of their brand.

Videos can also be used to improve SEO. I know writing takes a lot of time, but an informal video can easily be shot in a few minutes on your smartphone. A short TikTok video (I know) can help you get in front of a new audience and doesn’t take terribly long to create. During quarantine, my son and I really enjoyed watching TikTok videos to pass the time. It is practically an untapped opportunity for health and wellness brands.

Yes, video can be expensive depending on the production quality and who stars in the video. But, I really feel like the ROI is worth it, maybe even more than written content. Video can be repurposed for You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, or other platforms, so you can get the most out of your investment. They could be used as ads for your product.

Curious about our video services? Get in touch!

Being “At Home”

This is probably not really a huge surprise, but the number of requests we have received about content that involves being at home has skyrocketed. I continue to write multiple articles about how to keep your mental and physical health in check while at home.

Weight loss will also be a hot topic as people emerge from quarantine. Here is an example of an article I wrote for Invigor8 about maintaining your health at home.


Going along with being at home, there is a lot of concern about immunity and how to keep yourself healthy. Although it is CRITICALLY important not to mention COVID or even imply a cure in any articles related to immunity (or you will face the wrath of the FDA), it is fine to talk about how to improve your immune system in general.

Luckily, immune-related products are selling. Many clients have told me they are struggling to keep any immune products on the shelves due to the high demand. This is awesome if you sell an immune supplement!

If you want an example of general immune content, while tying in a product without unwarranted claims, here is something we wrote about CBD and immunity.

Racial Inequalities and BIPOC Perspectives

BIPOC in health content writing

With all the focus on racism and inequality in the United States over the last few weeks, in the content marketing community there has been a major call for health content written by or from the perspective of BIPOC (Black, indigenous, and people of color).

This is fantastic because there are some significant health disparities and differing perspectives that should be addressed. These differences are glaringly obvious when it comes to the experiences have seen with COVID-19. As a health writer, this is a fascinating topic that needs to be addressed.

Hope you enjoyed my first health content marketing trends round-up! Expect them monthly moving forward. Do you have questions or need quality health content? Get in touch!


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