Where to find nutrition writing clients

Have you been wanting to write for money as an RDN, but have no idea where to find clients?

  • Have you Googled nutrition writing jobs, but haven’t had any luck?
  • Maybe you have applied, but have received few responses…
  • You tried Upwork, but were rejected…
  • Maybe you got a job, but then they wanted you to write for pennies…
  • Or you just have no idea to get started!

Let me help you! 

My name is Ana and I have been working full time as a freelance nutrition writer for over 5 years. It is my passion to help YOU achieve your writing goals as an RDN.

Every writer (yes, every SINGLE one), struggles to find clients from time to time. Finding people who will pay YOU, instead of the 1000s of writers out there is challenging. 

But, you have an advantage over other writers in the health and nutrition space, you actually have a degree in nutrition! You are an RDN!

This is very valuable to many brands, but that doesn’t make it easy. 


Let me teach you how to find writing clients and get the $$ rolling in…


In this webinar I will:


  • Tell you what you need to get started pitching health and nutrition companies
  • Share the EXACT method I use to find people who need RD writers
  • Help you identify the best person to contact AND how to find their info
  • Give you examples of what I say when I reach out to potential clients
  • Show you how to keep track of your pitching efforts
  • Share a tried-and-true follow-up method that WORKS to get clients to respond
  • Talk about the REALITY of pitching

Ready to get started? It’s all yours for just $57!

Date: November 14th, 2018 at 10 am CST.



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