Freelance Writing for the RD: The Course

Crush your writing goals

Do you want to break free from the traditional RD career path?

  • Are you tired of writing clinical notes no one will ever read?
  • Do you have a health message to share, but aren’t being heard?
  • Do you want a flexible job working from home, but still want to make a full-time income? 
  • Do you ever wonder how other RDs are getting paid for writing?

Let me help you! 

My name is Ana and I have been working full time as a freelance nutrition writer for over 5 years. It is my passion to help YOU achieve your career goals as an RDN through freelance writing.

Freelance writing is a great way for RDs to make money, while working from home and sharing their evidence-based knowledge with the public.

In my 6-week course, I will personally walk you step by step into how to make freelance writing your “thing”. Or even your side gig “thing”. 

This course is focused on people who want to write for clients and brands, not those who want to write exclusively for magazines. I believe that content marketing is the most effective way to make money for your efforts. I will teach you how to do this. 


Let me teach you how to find writing clients and get the $$ rolling in…


Introducing “Freelance Writing for RDNs: The Course”

The course will include:

  • Weekly video modules to help walk you through every step to building your writing business
  • Where to find freelance writing clients
  • How to figure out what type of writing you want to do
  • How to pitch correctly and to the right person
  • Everything about Upwork and how to land REAL jobs with the platform.
  • How to price your work. 
  • How to manage your schedule and client demands
  • Lifetime access to this version and any future updates. 

Ana’s course Freelance Writing for the RD was the best investment I have ever made for my writing career. Before week 1, I had no idea how to get started or where to find clients. By the end of the week 6, I not only learned how to pitch, write a good article, have a contract, and how much to charge, but I had landed my first client! The client had come to me through LinkedIn after Ana taught us how to stand out. I am so grateful for Ana’s course, and urge anyone who is serious about getting started as a nutrition writer to take it.

Cristen Lindsay


I was able to quit my full-time job thanks to Ana’s course!! I am now a part-time editor for a health/wellness website and am able to dedicate the rest of my time to writing and pitching! I found the job through a resource provided in the writing course and gave my 2-week notice halfway through the course. The course is 100% worth the cost! 

Leah Swanson, RDN

Got Nourishment

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