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The Lupus Cookbook: 125+ Anti-Inflammatory Recipes to Help You Live Well with Lupus 

 The definitive collection for anti-inflammatory recipes to take control of symptoms and send lupus into remission.

An anti-inflammatory diet is fundamental to managing lupus symptoms. The Lupus Cookbook offers easy to make anti-inflammatory recipes to get a lifetime of relief and enhance your overall well-being. The Lupus Cookbook helps you take control of one of the most important factors for your health and vitality: your diet. 

Anti-Inflammatory Diet One Pot Cookbook

The benefits of an anti inflammatory diet meet the simplicity of a single pot
An anti inflammatory diet is a huge step towards healthy eating―but the stress of suffering from pain may leave you feeling exhausted before you even enter the kitchen. With this guide, you can enjoy the benefits of anti inflammatory foods with the convenience of one-pot cooking.

Complete with labor-saving tips to keep your kitchen time short, these anti-inflammatory diet recipes can be made in one bowl so you can enjoy fast, flavorful meals without the fuss. Fight inflammation and feel greatwith these one-of-a-kind, one-pot recipes.