Podcast Appearances: SEO, Content Writing, and More

by | Apr 24, 2023 | Business Advice, Promotion

Being experts in content marketing, writing, SEO, and business has given us many opportunities to appear on industry-specific podcasts. Here is a round-up of the most recent podcasts where Ana or the RWS have been featured:

Paid copywriter Podcast/YouTube

In this episode, called How to Scale Your Freelance Agency into a Business and Safeguard Against AI, I talk about everything we are doing as a marketing agency to help our clients continue to grow.

Nutriadmin SEO and Content Strategy for Nutritionists and Health Brands

In this NutriAdmin podcast we talk about one of my favorite topics, SEO!

Listen in to learn:

– The importance of marketing for nutrition and wellness brands

– Why content marketing is such a key piece of the strategy for a wellness brand

– The kind of content that Ana has seen working well over the years for health brands

– How to promote your business with SEO online without spending a fortune

What you can expect when working on your content strategy with someone like Ana

– Top advice for a nutritionist or wellness brand that has never done any marketing before

– How to rank on the top of Google for your niche keywords

Meal Garden Podcast: How to Become a Successful Health Writer as a Nutrition Professional

In this podcast, I was interviewed by Kiki from Meal Garden about my career journey from a registered dietitian to a full time health and nutrition writer.

Check out the episode here:

Make More Money as A Dietitian Podcast

In this episode, I talk with Christine Dyan of the Manipura Center all about making more money as a registered dietitian and all of the mindset blocks that had been holding me back.

Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild

In this fun episode with Libby of Dietitian Boss we discuss:

  • How Ana got started as a nutrition writer.
  • Ana’s monetary success and Income expectations for nutrition writers.
  • Why Ana started her Facebook group and how she works with other dietitians who want to get into writing.
  • Ana’s experience creating her own course for nutrition writers.
  • The commoditization of blog posts and what that means for nutrition writers
  • The most common barriers that dietitians face when starting out as a nutrition writer. 

Unconventional RD Podcast

In this podcast, Erica and I chat all things freelance writing, online courses, and more.


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