Creating a Successful Freelance Writing Career

as a Health Professional.


In the health and wellness space, search engines want content written by experts.

Not only that, consumers are savvy when it comes to health and brands are dying to work with experts who can help back up their claims, in an evidence-based way.

This is where you come in, health pro! You already have the expertise that brands and search engines are vying for in online content. This means you have a pretty significant leg up on all the other “health writers” out there.

Freelance writing is a flexible and profitable way to boost your income and use your expertise as a health pro, without any direct patient care.

You need a unique content strategy and an SEO plan to help you reach your target audience.



Episode #1: Coffee Chats with Ana

Episode #1: Coffee Chats with Ana

  Episode #1: Coffee Chats with Ana Google's New Search + Health Content Transcript Hello and welcome to the very first episode of the RWS: Content + Strategy Vlog. YouTube is brand new to me, but I know that video is really important and so I'm going to take a...


From Nutrition to Narratives

Ana Reisdorf, a seasoned Registered Dietitian, has been on a mission for the last decade to help other health professionals find freedom as freelance writers, while still using their expertise.

Through her transformative courses, Ana has already helped hundreds of aspiring health writers take their first steps toward freelancing success. Join her in the journey from healthcare to headlines and discover the world of freelance writing, all while gaining insights from a trusted expert.

Ana is also the owner of a health marketing agency called RWS: Content + Strategy where her team of experts helps health and wellness brands increase visibility, authority, and trust.