Where to Find Health Writing Clients

Get PAID to Write

… if you’re done with long hours in the exhausting healthcare circus… 

There is another way to use your skills and get the financial and time freedom you’ve always dreamed of…freelance writing.

The cold truth: breaking free from direct patient care requires one skill that most people overlook.....

Well, before I tell you… Let me see if you can relate to how life used to look for me and many of my students:

  • You feel like your whole life is living for someone else. You spend long days helping others and when you get your paycheck, there isn’t much left for you to do something fun, just for you…
  • You have major imposter syndrome – you see other professionals with way fewer credentials sharing their expertise online, but you just don’t feel like you have the “guts” to get in front of the camera like that…
  • Maybe you’ve tried freelance writing before, but the jobs you find give you peanuts – you’re barely making more than a barista…That doesn’t help you feel valued for the expertise you worked so hard for…
  • It’s dark when you drive to work and dark when you drive home. You may not even see the light of day unless you’re intent on going outside during your break if you’re lucky enough to get one. 
  • You’re overwhelmed by the feeling “Is this it? Is this my life?” – wanting to figure out another way to make extra money and still help people without becoming an “influencer” but you just don’t know how…

     After reading that, how many of those items apply to you?

    When did working in healthcare mean you care for other people but neglect yourself? Every moment, either charting or seeing patients…

    All of this, and the doctor doesn’t even call you back when you page him about something important.

    Undervalued and underpaid in a healthcare system that is clearly broken.

    The problem? You haven’t figured out where to find high-paying clients who VALUE your wellness expertise and are willing to PAY you for it



    I, too, used to be part of this broken system, sitting in the hospital basement writing clinical nutrition notes. I loved helping patients, and while I felt like 10% of my job was valuable- most of my time was filled with stressful audits, long-form boring notes, and tons of hours in a big building away from my kids.

    That’s when I decided to break free from clinical life. I had two problems: I still needed money, but more importantly, I wanted to still be able to use my expertise as a healthcare professional, but on my own terms. That’s when I discovered writing, 7 years ago.

    It was difficult at first, but within just a few months, I was able to start making real money with freelance writing. Eventually, I was able to replace my salary as a healthcare professional, all while working a quarter of the hours on my own schedule. Within 3 years I had built a team of other professionals to pass along the extra work to.

    Today, on random Wednesdays, I’m wearing yoga pants, relaxed. I have time to go to the gym or take 15 minutes to grab a cup of coffee at my favorite shop –  and most importantly – I’m home when my kids get home or are off from school. I get to be there for my kids’ sports, and school events, or take them to the doctor when they’re sick.

    When I started teaching dietitians what I had done, they began to get results much faster – sometimes, quitting their full-time healthcare jobs within a few months.

    Ana’s course offered step-by-step guidance on finding and keeping work as a writer in the health & wellness space. I recommend it to any RD who wants to pursue a writing career!

    Julie Cunningham, RD

    I’ve had several sample articles published and now have landed 3 paid writing gigs, which I attribute to the knowledge learned from this course! I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to just get started in freelance writing, or to take it to the next level.

    Melissa Mitri, RD

    Now I am expanding my offer to include ALL healthcare providers, not just RDs.

    Now I am expanding my offer to include ALL healthcare providers, not just RDs.

    Let’s look inside “Where To Find Health Writing Clients”

    What you get: 

    • The exact steps I use to get high-paying health writing clients. I walk you through the three methods I use, from just beginning to use job boards to having clients come to YOU for work
    • A full year of access to all 4 modules that take you through the process I used to build my $400k+ writing business.
    • A private Facebook community of other health professional writers who can help you along your way. In the group you will find: 
          • Jobs available only to my course students
          • The opportunity to network with other health professionals
          • Ideas and updates for the best ways to run a successful freelance writing business

    Here’s how the course breaks down:

    PHASE 1:

    Planning Your Dream Writing Business

    • The type of writing that brands are looking for and how you can position yourself as an expert
    • The three ways I get clients who are waiting to trade your health pro expertise for their money
    PHASE 2:

    Finding Your First Few Jobs on Job Boards

    • The absolute best job boards to look at daily
    • How to make your application stand out among the crowd, so you land the job
    • Filtering through Upwork – All the details you need to know and how to avoid underpaid jobs
    PHASE 3:

    Creating a Funnel of Clients Ready to Hire You

    • Identifying potential businesses that NEED a health expert like you
    • Using LinkedIn as a powerhouse
    • How to write an effective cold pitch
    • How and when to follow up
    • Writing for magazines
    PHASE 4:

    Getting your business set up for “Inbound Marketing” – when the clients start reaching out to YOU for work

    • To niche or not to niche?
    • Networking and referrals
    • Creating an online presence
    • Building a client base
    “Where To Find Writing Clients” is PERFECT for you IF:

    “Where To Find Writing Clients” is PERFECT for you IF:

    • You are a credentialed healthcare professional (RD, RN, IBCLC, MD, DO, SLP, etc)
    • You LOVE to write and do research, you’re always keeping up with the latest trends in nutrition and fitness
    • You have some writing samples already (even a personal blog!) or are you willing to create some to market yourself as a professional health writer
    • You’re ready to set aside some extra time every week (3-5 hours) to find writing clients and write high quality pieces for them
    • You want to make extra money in addition to your full time job – or maybe even replace your full time income within 6-12 months so many of my students have

    Probably NOT the right fit IF:

    • You dream of being an influencer on camera, and your writing skills are not your strong suit
    • You don’t have at least 3-5 hours a week to devote to your side business
    • You don’t want your name published and associated with your writing
     Hey there RD! I’m Ana

    Hey there RD! I’m Ana

    Dietitian, Full Time Writer, and Mom of 2

    After YEARS of struggling to get paid to write, I finally realized what I was doing wrong… I was going about finding jobs the wrong way! Once I cracked the code, I was finally able to leave my clinical job, get high-paying writing jobs, and start my 6-figure nutrition writing business.

    And guess what – YOU CAN TOO!

    So often, I see RDs making the same mistakes over and over again, only to get so frustrated and give up! Which is exactly why I created this course.

    And I want to let you in on a little secret…

    You don’t have to be the best writer in the world to get paid to write.

    All you need is the confidence and tools to show up, which is exactly what I teach you inside of How to Find Health Writing Clients!

    I was able to quit my full-time job thanks to Ana’s course!! I am now a part-time editor for a health/wellness website and am able to dedicate the rest of my time to writing and pitching! I found the job through a resource provided in the writing course and gave my 2-week notice halfway through the course. The course is 100% worth the cost! 

    -Leah Swanson, RD

    Ana’s course was the best investment I have ever made for my writing career. Before week 1, I had no idea how to get started. By the end I not only learned how to pitch, but I had landed my first client! The client had come to me through LinkedIn after Ana taught us how to stand out. I am so grateful for Ana’s course and urge anyone who is serious about getting started to take it.

    – Cristen Lindsey, RD

    Are you ready to get paid as a health writer?


    When does the course start and finish?

    The course starts as soon as you click purchase and you get immediate access to the entire course. You have one year to complete the material.

    How long do I have access to the course?

    You will have access to the content for one year. 

    Are refunds available?

    No, there are no refunds available once you have purchased the course, since you get full access immediately. 

    I don't live in the US. Can I take the course?

    Yes! The course is for anyone who wants to be a health writer, no matter where you live. The principles of finding clients can work for anyone, anywhere!

    Will I get a writing job from the course?

    In my previous courses, everyone who completed AND implemented the content was able to get at least 1 paid writing job. I can’t guarantee this, but promise if you do the work you will see results!

    How is this course different from previous courses?

    While many of the basics are the same, this course has been completely reorganized, reformatted, and re-recorded with updated information for 2024.

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