Case Study: WellnessVerge

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About WellnessVerge

WellnessVerge was founded in 2020 to help consumers search for definitive and reliable answers to common health concerns. The mission of the website is to provide reputable information to help consumers base their purchasing decisions on facts rather than marketing jargon. WellnessVerge helps consumers make these decisions through evidence-based product reviews written by health and wellness experts.

A Partnership with Our Expert RDs

The goal of our partnership with WellnessVerge was three-fold:

  1. Create a library of evidence-based content that is informed by the experience and expertise of our team of registered dietitians.
  2. Leverage the E-A-T of our registered dietitian team through articles and publicity placements to help skyrocket the SEO traffic for the website. This in turn would lead to affiliate sales and Google AdSense clicks.
  3. Provide expert guidance to the WellnessVerge team on trending topics in health and wellness that consumers may be searching for to maximize the search ranking of the website.

The Ask

The collaboration started with a set of article topics, which was at first determined by the WellnessVerge team. As the collaboration continued, our team of expert writers provided additional content suggestions and guidance. The expert writers at Reisdorf Writing Service produced an average of 30-40 product reviews and general health articles monthly on an ongoing basis. All articles were optimized for SEO, including appropriate keyword placement and formatting. 

The team also helped execute a backlinking strategy to further increase the visibility and ranking of the WellnessVerge website. We helped secure placements and mentions for WellnessVerge on other popular health websites such as Eat This, Very Well, and Parents to increase page authority.

The Result

The result of the partnership between the WellnessVerge team and the expert RDs at Reisdorf Writing Service led to exponential growth over the period of a year. We succeeded in taking a brand new website from zero monthly visitors to nearly 520k at its peak in October of 2021.


As of February 2022, the website ranks for over 30k keywords with over 5k on page 1 of Google search results.

Popular SEO-optimized articles written by our team include:

The contribution of our expert writing team helped over 500k visitors to the WellnessVerge website benefit from the knowledge and experience of our registered dietitians. We accomplished this incredible result via our expertly written, SEO-optimized articles and collaboration with the WellnessVerge team. While improving the search rankings of our clients is critical to our ongoing success, helping over 500k visitors find reputable and reliable health information is our true mission.

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