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by | Mar 1, 2022 | Case Studies, Promotion

About Sadie Wells

Sadie Wells is a registered dietitian and personal trainer who works with busy moms to improve their health and well-being. Her successful nutrition practice focuses on weight loss, detoxification, and gut health to help women feel their absolute best. She helps her clients find the unique diet that works for them through her Body Revive program and coaching. 

The Ask 

When Sadie approached our team for SEO and content help, she had already had a successful practice for quite a while. But she couldn’t understand why her website was not working for her. In our initial assessment of her site, we realized that she was averaging only about nine visitors a month! 

Being nearly invisible online meant that not only was she not making the sales she wanted, she also couldn’t help her ideal clients, leaving them trapped in a cycle of weight gain and exhaustion. As registered dietitians ourselves, we knew we needed to help her!

A Partnership with Our Expert Team

Sadie worked with our team of SEO-expert RDs to initiate a content strategy for her website. We started by doing a deep dive into her goals, target audience, offerings, and competitors. Together we developed several core topics that would help us identify accessible keywords and inform the content strategy and creation process. 

With this analysis, we developed a 3-month content plan that consisted of 12 blog posts, focused on specific keywords that would be of interest to Sadie’s audience. The posts were written and optimized by our team.

The Result

Sadie’s website started with 9 monthly visitors. As of March 2022, her website has over 5,000 visitors per month and ranks for over 4,000 keywords. Over 90% of the traffic on the website comes from the articles we produced together.

Sample articles include:

5 Signs of a Successful Liver Detox

Fitness and Inflammation

How Can I Find a One on One Nutrition Coach Near Me?

The success of this partnership has resulted in a growing interest in her nutrition practice and other services. 

The significant boost of Sadie’s website ranking based on just a handful of articles is an example of how an expert in the field can help you identify core topics and keywords that can help you rank better. Want to learn more? Get in touch today!


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