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About Else Nutrition

Else Nutrition is an industry-changing line of plant-based nutritional shakes for toddlers and kids. Made from almonds, buckwheat, and tapioca Else has created several incredible, clean label 100% vegan nutrition products made specifically for plant-based families. Else is committed to the highest quality ingredients to support optimal nutrition for kids and toddlers. 

The Ask 

In bringing such a game-changing product to the market, Else needed the support of nutrition experts to help educate consumers on the benefits of their products. They approached our team to create a variety of SEO-optimized blog articles, recipes, and videos to help increase visibility and educate their customers about creative ways to use Else. 

A Partnership with Our Expert Team

Our team of expert RD content creators worked together with the Else team to create an extensive library of blog posts focused on high volume, relevant keywords. We also offered article fact-checking and reviews to help ensure only the highest quality articles would be published on the Else Nutrition site. 

In addition to SEO-focused article writing, we produced original recipes, food photography, and recipe videos for use on social media channels such as YouTube and Instagram. 

The Result

The SEO-optimized articles provided by our team have skyrocketed visibility and search ranking for the Else Nutrition website. Else Nutrition now has over 25k page views per month and is on a path for continued growth.

Articles written by our team with a high search ranking include:

What is a vegan baby formula? (Page 1 for a high volume keyword with over 9k monthly searches). 

Supplementing with formula at night (Over 1k monthly pageviews)

What are the symptoms of soy intolerance for kids? (Over 1k monthly page views)

Recipes and food photography: 

Mango and coconut rice pudding

Pumpkin spice oat muffins

Birthday cake energy balls

The partnership between our expert RD team and Else Nutrition has helped inform consumers about this innovative and much-needed line of plant-based products for kids and toddlers.

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