Case Study: Bey Moss

by | Feb 21, 2022 | Case Studies, Promotion

About Bey Moss

Bey Moss, founded by entrepreneurs Nick and Charmaine Bey, is a high-growth dietary supplement brand with a line of products all containing sea moss. Purple sea moss is one of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet and an incredible source of hard-to-find minerals. Sea moss has been valued by many cultures over the years but has just recently gained widespread popularity due to interest in its health benefits by several celebrities. 

Nick and Charmine discovered the health benefits of sea moss after learning about it from herbalist Dr. Sebi. Their goal in starting Bey Moss was to share these valuable results with a wider audience by developing a comprehensive line of sea moss products. 

A Partnership with Our Expert Team

Before Bey Moss began partnering with our expert team in 2020, they had already seen explosive growth due to the organic growing interest in sea moss. While the Bey’s were already entrepreneurs prior to starting Bey Moss, they had never grown a supplement line. They needed a team of nutrition experts to help guide their journey. 

Our nutrition and SEO expertise, paired with the Bey’s passion for sea moss, delivered incredible results with the delivery of just a few strategic articles and consultation about marketing and brand claims.

The Ask

The Bey’s main goal was to continue to increase the visibility of Bey Moss through organic search and educate their audience on the potential health benefits of the products. They also needed some guidance on how to translate science into effective marketing messages, our specialty!

The team provided an SEO-informed content plan, a handful of articles, and consultation on science-based marketing claims.

The Result

With just 4 pillar articles created by the team, we were able to secure over 70 page one spots for relevant keywords. 

The articles included: 

  • Nutrients in sea moss 
  • What are the benefits of purple sea moss?
  • Minerals in sea moss
  • Where does sea moss come from?

Just these four articles were able to generate over 15% of the site’s total traffic. The organic search positioning resulted in explosive growth for Bey Moss during 2022. This growth has translated to exponential sales and increased brand recognition. 

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