Career Dreams for the Registered Dietitian

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Promotion, RD Careers

When I was a nutrition student, I had a lot of dreams about how my career would pan out as an RD. I would help patients lose 1000s of pounds. I would write the next nutrition best seller. I would create a new way of thinking about diet that no one had ever thought of, and I would be asked to speak at important conferences and on TV. These were all clearly realistic expectations of how my career would go.

I have written a bit about my career path as a nutrition writer before and also you can read more on my “about” page. I will say, even though I have considered myself pretty successful in achieving my career goals, I am not (yet) the “superstar” I thought I would be in the nutrition world. And honestly, that is ok because I have had many incredible opportunities. I am also able to make a living doing something I love, writing and I have a nutrition job from home.

Goals, goals, goals

Being the high achiever that I am I could always do more. I have many goals for 2018 about how to get my name out there and get better, higher paying writing gigs. I want to be asked to speak as an “expert”. Maybe I will even appear on TV or on other media outlets. Knowing where and how to focus my attention is definitely going to be a challenge, especially with limited time of being a mother of 2 very soon!

Lucky for me (and you) there are some incredible, highly experienced colleagues offering help on HOW we can get our names out there and achieve our RD dreams in 2018. No more trial and error or feeling totally lost. Whether you want to write, speak, be quoted in magazines, get more clients, or just see your name in lights these two can help!

Make your Media Dreams Come True

Amy Gorin and Erin Palinski-Wade are two incredible friends and dietitians have been touted as some of the most quoted RDs in America! WOW! They have combined their years of experience to bring you a course called Master the Media available now.

What does Master the Media include?

The course includes 35 modules on how to be quoted by media outlets, begin freelance writing, how to master social media, and how to get invited to do TV spots both locally and nationally. Not only can you skyrocket your career, it can also fulfill 13 Continuing Education Units!

You can get 5% off the course if you use the code “ANA” at checkout. (AFFILIATE LINK) Do you want to make 2018 an incredible year, where you finally achieve your RD media dreams? Check out the course now and start learning from these incredible colleagues.


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