Finding High-Paying Article Writing Jobs as a Health Writer

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Are you a health professional who would love to work as a freelance writer, either as a side gig or full time? If you have been in the medical profession for a while, you may be used to a more traditional way of finding work. But that typically doesn’t work for article writing gigs. Many writers assume that they only have to rely on job boards and online job advertisements to find article writing jobs. 

However, there are many other less-known ways to find article writing jobs in the health field. So, how do you go about finding high-paying article writing jobs? 

As a full time freelance health writer myself, here are some of the best ways and places to find high-paying article writing jobs as a health writer. Whether you are a novice or an experienced writer, these tips and tricks will help you take your freelance writing career to the next level!

Start with Job Boards

Although job boards like Indeed and Monster are where you might look for a healthcare job, they do not cater specifically to freelance writers. Occasionally, there are some jobs posted on these sites for writers, but they are not a primary source of online article writing jobs. 

There are some writing job boards out there, but they are not tailored specifically towards health writers. Some job boards to start with include: 

Job boards are a good place to get started. You know that the clients are looking for someone ASAP, which makes it easier to land the gig if you have limited experience. They can help you build a portfolio and get some experience working as a writer.

But there are some downsides to relying on job boards. Many jobs online are inundated with applicants. Clients with high budgets will not waste time posting a job. This means if job boards are your only way to find article writing jobs, you may get paid less than you could otherwise.

Look for Work on LinkedIn  

As a freelancing platform, LinkedIn has grown over the years, not just as a professional network platform. It has evolved into a great place to find article writing jobs. 

To find your dream health writing job on LinkedIn, visit the “Jobs” tab and search for different terms. These may include:

  • Health Content Writer
  • Medical Writing
  • Healthcare Copywriter
  • Content Creator Health Sector
  • Health Blog Writer 
  • Medical Journalism 
  • Wellness Content Writing 
  • Pharma Content Writer Jobs
  • Health and Wellness Writer
  • Medical Content Creator 
  • Health Communications 
  • Medical Technical Writing 
  • Health Education Content Writer
  • Nutrition Content Writing 
  • Mental Health Content Writer
  • Medical Publication Writing
  • Health Content Strategist 
  • Remote Health Writing Jobs

Even if the job is for a full time writing gig, consider reaching out to the company or individual who posted the job. They may be open to freelancers or part-time help. 

Helping Clients Find You on LinkedIn

Additionally, LinkedIn is a great place for clients to find you. Be sure to set up your profile so that it says you are a health content writer. Be sure to complete your profile with a writing portfolio and include relevant keywords in both the “Open to Work” and “Providing Services” sections at the top of your profile. By so doing, you increase the chances of a client discovering you and reaching out to you directly. 

Facebook Groups for Job Postings

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with other writers and find job postings. A few general writing groups on Facebook that are useful for job postings and networking include:

These types of groups are a great way to learn about new opportunities, but also network with other writers who may have work for you in the future. In any Facebook group, be sure to follow the rules about posting and reaching out to other group members. 

One tip for groups, don’t go into a writers group and say you are looking for work. Everyone in the group is there looking for work, so this is unlikely to get you any results. Instead, observe what others are discussing and add real value or ask legitimate questions. This will help you grow relationships and community that can help lead to future work.

Finding Article Writing Jobs

Finding high-paying article writing jobs as a health writer is possible when you know where to look. Use the right keywords online, explore job boards, look for jobs on LinkedIn, and connect with other writers in Facebook groups. 

But realize that finding job postings is just one way to find work. Job postings are typically not how the highest paying clients find freelancers. This is only part of a strategy to help you get started as a freelance writer. 

Happy hunting!


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